What you can find at the ‘Piccola Baita di Falcade’

In a natural setting, nestled between ‘Monte Civetta’ (home of the famous ski area) the ‘Mulaz’, the ‘Focobon’ the ‘Cime d’Auta’, and among the beautiful mountains of the ‘Dolomiti Bellunesi’ near ‘Sappade di Falcade’ in the province of ‘Belluno’, is the Agro-tourism Restaurant, Bed and Breakfast B&B and now SPA ‘Piccola Baita’.

Our structure, renovated and expanded in 2011, offers several solutions to customers and a variety of offers that will satisfy all your needs and demands.
At ‘Piccola Baita’, it is possible to make reservations for different types of services including but not limited to:

  • Breakfast.
  • Half Board.
  • Full Board


The B&B offers not only the opportunity to sleep in 1 of 13 rooms furnished in mountain style and immersed in nature, but for those on the run or for those looking for the tastes and flavors of the area, you can sit at the table and take advantage of our restaurant servicing typical dishes from the ‘Dolomiti Bellunesi’ exemplifying the simplicity of our sites without neglecting combinations that are special and unusual.
In addition, during the hosting season, via reservation, lunch and dinners are available for special occasions like Christmas and Easter or for important family events such as birthdays, anniversaries, communions and/or confirmations.
And, if you want to take home a “delicious memory” or a “slice” of the flavors ‘Dolomiti Bellunesi’ has to share with your friends. Inside there is ‘Campagna Amica’ where you can buy products from our farm including but not limited to:

  • Cheese (fresh and seasonal dairy products).
  • Salamis.
  • Sausages and meats (cattle for milk and meat, pigs, farm animals such as rabbits, ducks and geese).
  • Prosciutto (‘spek’).
  • Aged meats (‘bresaola’).

These are culinary items from our menu that will surprise you, and make you discover flavors and tastes of tradition and authenticity.
In our store, you can find a good selection of wines with labels from all regions of Italy including foreign wines.